Gareth Williams

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I make videogames. Serial game jammer. Unity3D, Monogame. Made One Game a Month in 2013. Currently working on Jarheads, PicaVoxel, and Lairytales

Tag: GravWalker

  1. 1GAM March: Super Turbo Racer '89

    March has come and gone, and with it - a new game! This month's One Game a Month submission took me way out of my comfort zone and into three dimensions. It's not often I make 3D games as I don't really have a head for maths, but I forced…

    Team Mango, 1GAM, Indie Games, One Game a Month, XNA, GravWalker, Monogame, Games Development

  2. 1GAM February: GravWalker

    I'm powering into February with GravWalker, a gravity-defying shoot-em-up that takes inspiration from the Amiga game Walker. It was one of my favourite games on my favourite platform and I think I've done well by it. I've also used the idea of a 360-degree rotating tilemap to create what I…

    Team Mango, Indie Games, GravWalker, 1GAM, One Game a Month, XNA, Monogame, Games Development