Gareth Williams

I Make Games

I make videogames. Serial game jammer. Unity3D, Monogame. Made One Game a Month in 2013. Currently working on Jarheads, PicaVoxel, and Lairytales

Tag: MelonJS

  1. 1GAM November: DungeonFall

    I decided to take part in Github's Game-off 2013 competition this month. The competition is limited to web-only games and as I'd become familiar with HTML5 development, I figured it was a good fit. The theme was "Change", which was also the theme of this month's 1GAM so that worked…

    Team Mango, 1GAM, Indie Games, HTML5, MelonJS, One Game a Month, Games Development

  2. 1GAM October: Tilly's Horrible Halloween

    This month, I actually went with the theme for One Game a Month which was "Candy". As it is October and Halloween, I decided to try my hand at a Halloween-inspired game. As time was short this month, I re-used graphics from some previous titles: Dreamland, my still-on-the-back-burner Team…

    Team Mango, 1GAM, Indie Games, MelonJS, One Game a Month, HTML5, Games Development